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Commentary on the Life and Work of C. G. Jung

(writings of J. R. Haule)


  1. Jung in the 21st Century (2 volumes) (Routledge, 2010)

  2. Arguments on incidents in Jung's life and the views of his biographers

    1. An overview of the Jung biographies written before 2000

    2. Jung's "never-healing" wound

    3. Freud and Jung: A Failure of Eros

  3. The French Roots of Jung's Theories

    1. French dissociation theory (Pierre Janet) and Jung's split with Freud

    2. The psychology of Pierre Janet can be used to further clarify Jung's ideas

    3. The first "Transference" theory and its origins in hypnosis

  4. Notes on Jung's Practice of Analysis

    1. Analyzing from the Self and the "2-Million Year-Old Man"

    2. The Parallels between Jung's practice and that of Chinese Zen

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