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The New Age


Book Title:

Perils of the Soul: Ancient Wisdom and the New Age, York Beach, ME: Samuel Weiser, 1999

This book covers a large array of New Age experiences, including aura reading, energy healing, urban shamanism, out-of-body journeys, near-death experiences, and UFO encounters and abductions. It places all these phenomena in the context of 6000 years of the evolution of human consciousness, where it appears that--if a great leap forward is about to occur--what we are going to see is not something unheard of, but rather the integration of powers we have always had but never learned how to use.

Perils of the Soul is a kind of tour through these capabilities, always asking the question, "What is real here, and how are we to understand it?" There's a great deal of mysticism and "new physics" behind an adequate understanding of what the New Age is discovering. If we are to take advantage of it, we cannot simply flit from one entrancing idea to another. We must discipline ourselves and develop our own powers of consciousness.

Related materials:

  1. Four Ages of Human Evolution
    This is Chapter Two of the book. It gives the 6000 year overview of the topic, placing the phenomena of the New Age in historical context.

  2. Sojourns in Cosmic Consciousness
    This is Chapter Three of the book. It describes the "experience of soul" primarily in out-of-body journeyer, Robert A. Monroe, and explores the psychological and mystical implications of his experiences.

  3. Where Do We Go From Here: The Myth of the New Millennium
    This is an overview of the conclusions I reached in the book about the guiding narrative of the New Age. it was given as an address to the 1997 National Meeting of Jungian Analysts.

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