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Mythic Murals


The image of the headless dancing man at the top of my homepage is an example of my mural work. This figure is a highly simplified version of the central image in a mural I painted in a staircase (about 20 ft X 20 ft), covering all three walls and the ceiling with images that wrap around the corners. Another version of this figure appears as a wood sculpture (about 20 in X 20 in) on the end of my house, between two second-floor windows.

Available Photos:

  1. Staircase Mural
    Although you can see only the front wall and part of the left wall from the second floor, this photo gives you an idea of what it would be like to "walk through" the mural. The entire mural cannot be seen from any single vantage point. Size, about 20' X 20'.

  2. Ceiling Mural
    In the form of a whale, this image floats against the bedroom ceiling. The photograph, taken while lying on the floor in the hallway, is a bit distorted. Size, about 12' X 14'.

  3. Isis and Osiris
    This mural occupies the wall above the fireplace in my office. It represents Isis poling her boat up the Nile as she searches for the body parts of her brother/consort, Osiris, who was dismembered by his brother Set. Horus, the Hawk & Rising Sun, their offspring, can be seen in the upper, central portion. The Oxyrinchus fish which devoured the phallus, the only piece of Osisris which Isis could not find is below the line of the boat. Size, about 4.5' X 7.5'.

Clearly I have been very much taken with the style of art developed by the Kwakiutl people on the coast of British Columbia. Having studied the "rules" of that style of art, I freely adapt them to the theme on which I am working. Isis and Osiris, for instance, follows Egyptian conventions (frontal shoulders, face and legs in profile), but the details are inspired by the totem-pole-like Kwakiutl designs.


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