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Divine Madness: Archetypes of Romantic Love
alternate titles: Pilgrimage of the Heart & Heilige Verzauberung
by John Ryan Haule
Copyright © 1990
All Rights Reserved

Divine Madness cover image

Table of Contents
      1. Romantic Love and the Love of God

      2. The Naked Sword: Opportunity for Love's Transformation

      3. The Love Potion: Metaphors of Depth

      4. Love's Wound: Locus of Agony and Rapture

      5. The Demon Lover: Obsession's Heart

      6. The Unholy Marriage: Obsession's Soul

      7. Seduction and Fidelity: Intimacy's Chambers

      8. Love Play: Enabling Transcendence

      9. The Lovers' Quarrel: Fight for Renewal

      10. Worthy Opponents: Love's Refinement

      11. Love's Angel: The Creative Third

      12. Love's Quest: Following the Relationship

      13. Love's Labor: Ordinary Time

      14. The Fall of Camelot: Love's Phoenix


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